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Tales of Destiny Remake

Tales of Destiny was originally released on the PlayStation in 1998 as the second game of the series. Namco is no stranger to remakes, and over 8 years later the game was completely remade and released on the PlayStation2. Instead of relying on a well-known name to milk money out of fans, Tales of Destiny does nothing less than redefine what a "remake" should be. While it is impossible to avoid comparisons to the original, Tales of Destiny should be seen as a full-fledged new game that stands completely on its own merit, as the storyline and characters are the only aspects that remain even remotely similar.

Battle systems have always been an integral part of the Tales series, and Tales of Destiny delivers in this department with a blast. Battles use the familiar Linear Motion Battle system, which is not unlike a 2D fighter game with RPG elements. The action is very frantic and fast-paced, and players will quickly find themselves engaging the enemy with high-hit, impressive combination attacks. Simple button mashing, however, will quickly lead to defeat. Defeating the more challenging enemies requires strategy in picking suitable special attacks, and using them with correct timing.

Dados do Jogo :

Genero: Rpg
Padrão: Ntsc
Idioma: Japonês DVD (Full)
Tamanho Compactado :
2.81 Gb
Tamanho Descompactado : 3,69 Gb
Tamanho Partes: 100Mb
Tamanho Ultima parte: 14Mb

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